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Life ain't easy

"We have to be strong in life through the suffering and pain we face," my friend said. She's Mexican and life was rough for her. She married a Puerto Rican guy and she got pregnant. Though guess what? He left her when she told him the truth - the time she needed him the most. As days passed she messed herself up, she went to clubs and drank. And her baby came along in all those events. She knew what she was doing to herself but was it a good enough reason to do that due to a guy you loved so much. She reall thought he would support her and go through all these hardships. Now she stopped killing herself slowly, she has faced the fact that she is a mother now and that she should act like one. Therefore, she came over for Easter, it was strange of her because we dont keep in contact like we used to do. We had tofu and Peruvian empanadas -my favorite. At the end her son has appeared to be really annoying but he's only 2 months old. I see her say bye and grab her child's hand as they walk out the door. This is what gets me thinking, we need to choose the right people to share our lives with through the very end. Not like the Jerry Springer show reffering to couples who cheat and claim to be/not to be the baby's. It's just sad. If you vowed to love each other and stay true, then why risk your child's happiness? Life just aint easy. 

P.S.- She said she has happier moments with her and her son without his father. It was worth it at the end.
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