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Talent Show

I bellydanced in the talent show to Ojos Asi. I know you must be proud of me, so
many ppl applaud. This is how celebrities feel i guess. . . mayb. When
the curtains closed, I cried, weird of me. I was nervous while i was
dancing so that could have been it, it wasn't tears of joy. I wasnt
smiling, but the ppl hugged me from the talent show. Also i won in the talent
show, they said they were gonna give me 25$ certificate. They're a rip-
off i tell ya, lies. They never gave it to me. Well, now that i danced,
everyone knows who i am. also guys have been looking at me more now,
which i hate. Guys didnt know who i was but the shy innocent one, and now
they knoe i dance. They try to talk to me and stuff, really hate them.
This arab guy comes up to me at lunch and talks to me and he didnt know
my name. the next day he came
and asked me out....i know......he asked me out! I was like he's sick
and he waited for my reply, it was no. He kept asking y but i said no.
dumb head doesn't know anything about me, what makes him so sure i'll
be the rest of the girls who flirt with him. ewwwwwwww. Though there's
this chinese guy who talks to me too yet he's cool. I talk, he talks, we
smile. I know he's a 9th grader like me but im leavin the school so,
yeah. He doesn't noe that and i see his friend pushin him to ask me if. He's nice but it's not gonna happen.
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