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Just chillin'

Today is Friday and I'm going to use my time wisely to lay back. Play playstation 2 and Nintendo DS. And maybe read a book, my cousin who's been visiting from Miami, FL is leaving on the 15th. Anyway, she's cool to be with and very well much into American Idol. Sanjaya Malakar has been introduced to me and its really annoying, he's like the whole talk these days specially the girl who put herself on hunger strike as to get him off American Idol, but she could only do 17 days. Though Im neutral to deciding which team is better, I just cheer for the winner. The people that lose, I just wish them good luck for their next game. Well my brother's birthday is tomorrow and I haven't made a card for him. Guess I'll do that tomorrow and my own comic strip as well. He's obnoxious and yet he's my little brother. He's turning 9 and his friends are known since his childhood. Next thing you know I'll have another sibling, but my parents don't guarentee it. Did you ever wish you had another sibling just to be with you? I do but someone my age not younger. I better prepare for my midterms coming up. 

. . . I already read 2 books!

 The Lengendary Unemployed Ninja, Izuna. - great game even though addicting very much. It's pretty easy.
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