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MAyLaNG21's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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Talent Show [23 May 2007|10:46pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

I bellydanced in the talent show to Ojos Asi. I know you must be proud of me, so
many ppl applaud. This is how celebrities feel i guess. . . mayb. When
the curtains closed, I cried, weird of me. I was nervous while i was
dancing so that could have been it, it wasn't tears of joy. I wasnt
smiling, but the ppl hugged me from the talent show. Also i won in the talent
show, they said they were gonna give me 25$ certificate. They're a rip-
off i tell ya, lies. They never gave it to me. Well, now that i danced,
everyone knows who i am. also guys have been looking at me more now,
which i hate. Guys didnt know who i was but the shy innocent one, and now
they knoe i dance. They try to talk to me and stuff, really hate them.
This arab guy comes up to me at lunch and talks to me and he didnt know
my name. the next day he came
and asked me out....i know......he asked me out! I was like he's sick
and he waited for my reply, it was no. He kept asking y but i said no.
dumb head doesn't know anything about me, what makes him so sure i'll
be the rest of the girls who flirt with him. ewwwwwwww. Though there's
this chinese guy who talks to me too yet he's cool. I talk, he talks, we
smile. I know he's a 9th grader like me but im leavin the school so,
yeah. He doesn't noe that and i see his friend pushin him to ask me
out....as if. He's nice but it's not gonna happen.

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Shakira Shakira? [01 May 2007|07:12pm]
[ mood | curious ]

This girl named Shakerha basically has a tough life in school and at home. Her father's in jail and she doesn't know him cause he was in jail when she was little. He robbed the bank if you're wondering why. She doesn't really have any sympathy for him cause' she didn't even know him that well. This may be cruel but that's how she feels about having a father like him. Her mother is cool about it and yet where are shakerha's brothers? Her 3 brothers were seperated. Her older brother is kind to her as he visits his mom every 3 months. However her 2nd older brother acts like he doesn't know her, plus he lives next door. bit harsh if you ask me. Lastly, her 13 year old brother is somewhere, she said he has another "mom." So they dont know where he's at. Sghe sleeps during school, doesn't do homework and is able to pass her grade. Is it fair or do people pity her?? Sometimes it seems everyone wants her to fail, but her mom is . . . she's aggressive. She'll start cursing if she has to to get her daughter at the top. Well my life  ain't nothin like hers but i would pity her too. .

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We Taking Over [27 Apr 2007|10:13pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

My talent show's coming up and I'm going to belly dance to beautiful liar and Ojos Asi. I hope I do well,  cause' this is my first time on stage. Gosh maybe I made a mistake. . . .but I should take risks right? I shouldn't back out and i'm not the only one dancing if you think so. It's going to be 2 other girls with me, anyway, signing out. I've been practicing for 4 hours straight. Sweat of course, yeah me!

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TGIF! [20 Apr 2007|05:21pm]
[ mood | drained ]

Thank Gosh it's Friday! I seriously felt like the days were going by so slow. My friend sent me this vid called "unicorn candy mountain." It's funny if you have that certain type of humor. . . . sort of. If you're curious to watch, write Charlie The Unicorn in youtube.com. Besides the show, I had to write an essay of falling in love at first sight. I don't really believe in love at first sight, especially when you're trying to compare it to A Midsummer Night's Dream. This plot is very interesting yet I don't understand why the movie ended happy. This is messed up seriously. Im not making any sense so I should just stop writing now. . . .  

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Midterm Week [18 Apr 2007|06:57pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Oh gosh this whole day I am having midterms, and it's annoying. Though I do pretty good in them, it's just I hate taking them. Only 41 days for school, leaving in June 12. Anyway I had dance class and we're being taught the dance moves from "Get up." I missed last week so I'm sorta behind, and in the talent show as well. Belly dancing. Should I do the song "Ojos asi" from Shakira, or "My lips are waiting" from Ashanti? Please choose, cause' I might very much will have to work with this girl I don't know. American Idol is coming on and I hope Sanjaya is eliminated, lol j/k. My cousin would kill me if I actually meant it. It's like everybody wants to become a singer and get famous, and it's confusing. Simon can sometimes be unfair yet he's sophisticated at times. Anybody saw "I Love New York?" It was so astonishing, but I didn't get to see Charm School. Monique is gonna get the girls all worked up and it's all gonnna be drama. Cant wait!

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Just chillin' [13 Apr 2007|02:13pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Today is Friday and I'm going to use my time wisely to lay back. Play playstation 2 and Nintendo DS. And maybe read a book, my cousin who's been visiting from Miami, FL is leaving on the 15th. Anyway, she's cool to be with and very well much into American Idol. Sanjaya Malakar has been introduced to me and its really annoying, he's like the whole talk these days specially the girl who put herself on hunger strike as to get him off American Idol, but she could only do 17 days. Though Im neutral to deciding which team is better, I just cheer for the winner. The people that lose, I just wish them good luck for their next game. Well my brother's birthday is tomorrow and I haven't made a card for him. Guess I'll do that tomorrow and my own comic strip as well. He's obnoxious and yet he's my little brother. He's turning 9 and his friends are known since his childhood. Next thing you know I'll have another sibling, but my parents don't guarentee it. Did you ever wish you had another sibling just to be with you? I do but someone my age not younger. I better prepare for my midterms coming up. 

. . . I already read 2 books!

 The Lengendary Unemployed Ninja, Izuna. - great game even though addicting very much. It's pretty easy.

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The "N" Word [12 Apr 2007|12:24am]
[ mood | crushed ]

 We all remember radio talk-show host Don Imus appeared on Rev. Al Sharpton's radio in  New York, right? If not, he was the guy who called the Rutgers women's basketball team "nappy headed hoes" on the air last week. Now today the racist remarks got him fired on Thursday by CBS. He did in a matter of fact said sorry to them but do you think it was fair that he was fired? I mean, even though the n word isn't used, would it matter if he used it? Africans use it but they're using it, not another race. Therefore, it's confusing how rappers are able to use it and not be sent to jail. . . Is it wrong for a friend of yours to use it at you? Depending on the way they use it. This is why there are so much stereo types such as blondes being dumb, mexicans being beaners. However, are they somethimes true? I believe Don Imus wasn't treated fair. Segregation and Racisim still exist and its annoying, cause it wont end unless we choose to. Is race just the colors or can we just calls us ourselves aliens? This is how people act today, it might have happened to you when you were little. Or even now. Well signing out! 

Was CBS right to dump Imus?
Are you surprised CBS and NBC dumped Imus before he met with the Rutgers team?
How well has Imus handled the situation since making the initial comments?
Not at all18%
How would you describe the amount of attention paid to his comments?
About right19%
Not enough6%

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Going back to History [11 Apr 2007|10:41pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

My homework assigned in English was to research on the 1950's and it is indeed something interesting to learn about. Shows like I LOVE LUCY, TWILIGHT ZONE, DEGRASSI, GREASE, and GUNSMOKE were some of the popular shows at this time. It reminds me of the costume I wore for 6th grade- sock hop poodle skirt jukebox. Anyway I hope I get a good score on this mini project. Here are words that were the 1950's talk:
Actor  =  Show-off 
Agitate the Gravel =  To leave
Are you writing a book? = You're asking too many questions 
Baby = Cute girl,  
Back seat bingo = Necking in a car 
Bad news = Depressing person 
Big Daddy =  An older person 
Big tickle =  Really funny 
Bit =  An act 
Blast = A good time  
Boss = Great 
Bread = Money 
Circled = Married 
Classy chassis = Great body
Cloud 9 = Really happy 
Clutched = Rejected 
Cook, cookin' = Doing it well 
Cool it = Relax, settle down 
Cooties = Imaginary infestations of the truly un-cool 
Cranked = Excited (Beats) 
Crazy =  "Like crazy,man" Implies an especially good thing 
Cruisin' for a bruisin' = Looking for trouble 
Cube = A normal person 
Cut the gas = Be quiet! 
Cut out = Leave
Dig = To understand; to approve 
Dolly = Cute girl 
Don't have a cow = Don't get so excited 
Earthbound = Reliable 
Epistle =  Letter 
Eyeball  = Look around                              
Fake Out  = A bad date 
Fast =  Someone who was sexually active 
Fat City = A great thing or place; Happy 
Flat out = Fast as you can 
Flick = A movie 
Flip= To get very excited 
Floor it = Push the accelerator to the floor 
Fracture = To amuse 
Fream = Someone who doesn't fit in 
Frosted = Angry 
Get Bent! = Disparaging remark as in "drop dead" 
Get with it = Understand 
Gig = Work, job 
Go ape =Get very excited 
Goof = Someone who makes mistakes 
Goopy = Messy 
Greaser = A guy with tons of grease in his hair 
Grody = Sloppy, messy or dirty 
Hang  =   As in "hang out" which means to do very little 
Haul a**  = Drive very fast 
Heat  = Police 
Hip =  Someone who is cool
Horn   =   Telephone 
Illuminations =  Good ideas, thoughts 
Jacketed=  Going steady. 
Jets =  Smarts, brains 
Kick =   A fun or good thing; Also, a fad 
Kill = To really impress 
Knuckle sandwich  =   A fist in the face 
Kookie =  Nuts, in the nicest possible was
Made in the shade  =   Success guaranteed 
Make out   =  A kissing session 
Make the scene= To attend an event or activity 
Nerd  = Same as now. Bill Gates without the money. 
Nod =   Drift off to sleep 
No sweat = No problem 
Nuggets=  Loose change 
Odd ball=   Someone a bit off the norm 
On the stick  =   Pulled together. Bright, prepared... 
Pad   = Home 
Paper shaker  =  Cheerleader or Pom Pom girl 
Party pooper   =    No fun at all 
Passion Pit  =  Drive-in movie theatre 
Peepers       =   Glasses 
Pile up Z's  =   Get some sleep 
Pound    =     Beat up                              
Radioactive   =  Very popular 
Rattle your cage  = Get upset 
Raunchy    =      Messy or gross in some other way 
Razz my berries    =      Excite or impress me 
Real gone    =      Very much in love. Also unstable. Hmm, there's a difference? 
Rock   =   A diamond 
Scream  =    Go fast 
Shoot low = Be careful 
Shot down  =   Failed 
Sing = To tattle or inform on someone 
Sounds =    Music 
Spaz=  Someone who is uncoordinated. A clutz. 
Split  = Leave 
Stacked=   A woman with large er, ah...you know, well endowed. 
Stack up  =To wreck a car 
Think Fast  = Usually said right before someone threw something at you 
Threads  = Clothes 
Tight=   Good friends 
Unrea= Exceptional 
Wail  =Go fast 
Wazoo = Your rear end 
Weed = A cigarette 
Wet rag  =  Someone who's just no fun 
Word from the bird= The truth 
What's buzzin, cuzzin  =  What's new? 

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Hardwork Pays Off [10 Apr 2007|09:24pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

I recieved my High School application to transfer, and I am finally leaving this school! It may be cruel but dont get me wrong the teachers are great, but the students in my class prevent me from learning. For example, the students seriously acted like 4th graders.They dont pay attention to 8 out of the 9 teachers we have in each subjects. It is just sad because they dont seem to care about their future, not that I know mine either. Therefore, I needed to fill out an application to transfer for next year (or else I'll stay there for 3 years) Art is almost everythig to me as I express myself i it, so I decided to interview my artwork to a certain High school. Edward Murrow High School. To tell you the truth though, I did my recent artwork on the last night of it's due. I had to prove that my artwork was created from me, so it was intense. The day it was to show my talent, I was taken to a classroom of 13 kids. They were as terrified as I was, but I tried not to show it. Two teachers and their top artist students determied who would be in their school next year. They told us to crumble a paper and leave hand in a certain position and draw it. Obviously we had to include contrast, texture, and the life in them. Then we had to observe and sketch the position one of the top artist students were in. I heard one of the teachers talking about someoneas they said, "She seems to be pretty good, she even looked determined when she entered this room." After that we had to write an essay comparing and contrasting 2 different painters,and answering questions. Suddenly today I got my results and Edward Murrow accepted me! Im so proud of myself and I got my report card back as well. Next year I will be in murrow. Oh and I didnt like RCHSCS (my school) becuase they have uniform as well, it was shocking after I heard of that. 

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Life ain't easy [09 Apr 2007|10:15pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]

"We have to be strong in life through the suffering and pain we face," my friend said. She's Mexican and life was rough for her. She married a Puerto Rican guy and she got pregnant. Though guess what? He left her when she told him the truth - the time she needed him the most. As days passed she messed herself up, she went to clubs and drank. And her baby came along in all those events. She knew what she was doing to herself but was it a good enough reason to do that due to a guy you loved so much. She reall thought he would support her and go through all these hardships. Now she stopped killing herself slowly, she has faced the fact that she is a mother now and that she should act like one. Therefore, she came over for Easter, it was strange of her because we dont keep in contact like we used to do. We had tofu and Peruvian empanadas -my favorite. At the end her son has appeared to be really annoying but he's only 2 months old. I see her say bye and grab her child's hand as they walk out the door. This is what gets me thinking, we need to choose the right people to share our lives with through the very end. Not like the Jerry Springer show reffering to couples who cheat and claim to be/not to be the baby's. It's just sad. If you vowed to love each other and stay true, then why risk your child's happiness? Life just aint easy. 

P.S.- She said she has happier moments with her and her son without his father. It was worth it at the end.

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