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Hardwork Pays Off

I recieved my High School application to transfer, and I am finally leaving this school! It may be cruel but dont get me wrong the teachers are great, but the students in my class prevent me from learning. For example, the students seriously acted like 4th graders.They dont pay attention to 8 out of the 9 teachers we have in each subjects. It is just sad because they dont seem to care about their future, not that I know mine either. Therefore, I needed to fill out an application to transfer for next year (or else I'll stay there for 3 years) Art is almost everythig to me as I express myself i it, so I decided to interview my artwork to a certain High school. Edward Murrow High School. To tell you the truth though, I did my recent artwork on the last night of it's due. I had to prove that my artwork was created from me, so it was intense. The day it was to show my talent, I was taken to a classroom of 13 kids. They were as terrified as I was, but I tried not to show it. Two teachers and their top artist students determied who would be in their school next year. They told us to crumble a paper and leave hand in a certain position and draw it. Obviously we had to include contrast, texture, and the life in them. Then we had to observe and sketch the position one of the top artist students were in. I heard one of the teachers talking about someoneas they said, "She seems to be pretty good, she even looked determined when she entered this room." After that we had to write an essay comparing and contrasting 2 different painters,and answering questions. Suddenly today I got my results and Edward Murrow accepted me! Im so proud of myself and I got my report card back as well. Next year I will be in murrow. Oh and I didnt like RCHSCS (my school) becuase they have uniform as well, it was shocking after I heard of that. 

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