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Shakira Shakira?

This girl named Shakerha basically has a tough life in school and at home. Her father's in jail and she doesn't know him cause he was in jail when she was little. He robbed the bank if you're wondering why. She doesn't really have any sympathy for him cause' she didn't even know him that well. This may be cruel but that's how she feels about having a father like him. Her mother is cool about it and yet where are shakerha's brothers? Her 3 brothers were seperated. Her older brother is kind to her as he visits his mom every 3 months. However her 2nd older brother acts like he doesn't know her, plus he lives next door. bit harsh if you ask me. Lastly, her 13 year old brother is somewhere, she said he has another "mom." So they dont know where he's at. Sghe sleeps during school, doesn't do homework and is able to pass her grade. Is it fair or do people pity her?? Sometimes it seems everyone wants her to fail, but her mom is . . . she's aggressive. She'll start cursing if she has to to get her daughter at the top. Well my life  ain't nothin like hers but i would pity her too. .
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