MAyLaNG21 (maylang21) wrote,

Midterm Week

Oh gosh this whole day I am having midterms, and it's annoying. Though I do pretty good in them, it's just I hate taking them. Only 41 days for school, leaving in June 12. Anyway I had dance class and we're being taught the dance moves from "Get up." I missed last week so I'm sorta behind, and in the talent show as well. Belly dancing. Should I do the song "Ojos asi" from Shakira, or "My lips are waiting" from Ashanti? Please choose, cause' I might very much will have to work with this girl I don't know. American Idol is coming on and I hope Sanjaya is eliminated, lol j/k. My cousin would kill me if I actually meant it. It's like everybody wants to become a singer and get famous, and it's confusing. Simon can sometimes be unfair yet he's sophisticated at times. Anybody saw "I Love New York?" It was so astonishing, but I didn't get to see Charm School. Monique is gonna get the girls all worked up and it's all gonnna be drama. Cant wait!
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