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The "N" Word

 We all remember radio talk-show host Don Imus appeared on Rev. Al Sharpton's radio in  New York, right? If not, he was the guy who called the Rutgers women's basketball team "nappy headed hoes" on the air last week. Now today the racist remarks got him fired on Thursday by CBS. He did in a matter of fact said sorry to them but do you think it was fair that he was fired? I mean, even though the n word isn't used, would it matter if he used it? Africans use it but they're using it, not another race. Therefore, it's confusing how rappers are able to use it and not be sent to jail. . . Is it wrong for a friend of yours to use it at you? Depending on the way they use it. This is why there are so much stereo types such as blondes being dumb, mexicans being beaners. However, are they somethimes true? I believe Don Imus wasn't treated fair. Segregation and Racisim still exist and its annoying, cause it wont end unless we choose to. Is race just the colors or can we just calls us ourselves aliens? This is how people act today, it might have happened to you when you were little. Or even now. Well signing out! 

Was CBS right to dump Imus?
Are you surprised CBS and NBC dumped Imus before he met with the Rutgers team?
How well has Imus handled the situation since making the initial comments?
Not at all18%
How would you describe the amount of attention paid to his comments?
About right19%
Not enough6%

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